from man-machine cooperation to full-automatic production workshop

in 2020, the global sealing and testing leader ASE, 5G chip manufacturer Qualcomm, and domestic telecommunications leader Chunghwa Telecom will jointly build Taiwan's first smart factory based on 5G mmWave dedicated network. Throughout the planning and construction process, Qualcomm and Chunghwa Telecom will provide technical support and integration solutions to encourage Taiwanese manufacturers to develop and supply related network equipment, such as 5G mmWave small base stations, so as to play an important role in the ecosystem of 5G mmWave private networks.


ASE Group, said that ASE has been committed to smart manufacturing for many years. Through the integrated management of personnel and systems throughout the plant, ASE has completed many smart factories. In the Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) smart factory solution, A B C to D is introduced, that is, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data analysis (Big Data) and automation technology (CIM) are used to achieve digital transformation (Digital Transformation) of the factory. Self-propelled vehicles (AGV), automatic machine dispatching, sanitation and safety, energy management, warehouse management and interconnection technologies are also used, strengthen real-time remote monitoring and factory management to effectively improve productivity.
currently specializes in semiconductor wafer robot applicationsGyro System, has already made contributions in Taiwan's three major IC foundry.
, many domestic packaging companies are still at the stage of human-computer cooperation, and it will take some time to achieve full automation. This is related to the progress of the automation infrastructure of the customer's production line. At present, most packaging companies still rely on operators to help machines to carry out loading and unloading operations. It is rare for customers who have reached full automation.
If the integration between unmanned packaged production lines and equipment and AMR is to be realized, the equipment itself must be able to support fully automated operations. The software platform at the back end of the production line, such as car dispatch system, manufacturing execution system (MES), etc., and the ability of direct communication between AMR and machine.
also includes AMR software, car dispatch software (MCS), electronic shelves and micro warehouses, which have made an overall plan for the automation process of semiconductor intelligent factories.


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