• See you at the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024

      SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024 will be held at the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) from May 28-30, 2024, and you are welcome to visit us at booth 302.

      18 2024-05-07
    • GYRO | The Key Role of Simulation Technology in Semiconductor Automation

      The Key Role of Simulation Technology in Semiconductor Automation

      40 2024-04-09
    • Gyro's robot earthquake test results | We are really safe.

      At the end of 2023, Gyro's robots underwent earthquake testing at an earthquake center. The results showed that in a simulated scenario of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, the payloads carried on the robot arms did not fall, and the payloads on the robot platforms remained intact.

      23 2024-04-08
    • Market Frontier Outlookt | Exciting Unveiling of SEMICON Japan 2023

      The Japan Semiconductor Exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from Dec. 13th to 15th, 2023. Gyro sincerely invite friends from all walks of life and professionals to visit our booth during this time. Gyro will showcase our  robots at booth 7013 in East 7th Hall, and we look forward to your presence.

      31 2023-12-06
    • from man-machine cooperation to full-automatic production workshop

      In order to realize the integration between unmanned packaged production lines and equipment and AMR, the equipment itself must be able to support fully automated operations. The software platform at the back end of the production line, such as car dispatch system, manufacturing execution system (MES), etc., AMR and the machine must also have direct communication capability.

      320 2021-12-15
    • Meter Reading/Inspection Robot-Semiconductor Factory Automation Application

      Jeluo meter reading inspection robot replaces manual security inspection and large-scale inspection of machines in the production line. It can realize real-time automatic conversion of data and images and report to the client monitoring system. For example, the introduction of high-density equipment groups such as testing, grinding and sorting in the sealing and testing plant has a significant effect.

      105 2021-12-15
    • Gyro-Semiconductor Robot Battery Changing System

      The automatic replacement of the robot battery is completed in 2 minutes. Guarantee the 7-24-hour uninterrupted operation of the robot, provide online endurance and work efficiency, and effectively reduce project costs.

      125 2021-12-15
    • Gyrobot-12inch FAB Automated Unmanned Factory Intelligent Handling Project

      As the first customer in the Singapore semiconductor industry to adopt the lights-out factory model, they have successfully deployed 10 Gyrobot AMR, as well as wafer fabs and automatic charging stations, among others, in this factory, perfectly achieving full automation of the production workshop. By applying advanced technology to successfully upgrade old production into a lights-out factory, they have assisted the customer in achieving sustainable development.

      9 2024-04-30
    • Gyrobot-8inch FAB Automated Unmanned Factory Intelligent Handling Project

      A leading global semiconductor packaging and testing company imported 11 Gyrobot to replace manual labor, reducing the number of workers per shift from 66 to 6, with only product inspection personnel remaining. Monthly production capacity was increased from 45K to 75K, and equipment utilization increased by 25%. The improved manufacturing process also led to increased quality of products and helped the customer to establish the world's first 5G millimeter-wave smart unmanned factory.

      4 2024-05-27
    • Gyrobot-12inch FAB Automated Unmanned Factory Intelligent Handling Project.

      The Gyrobot has been widely applied in SP's precision workshops, as well as in chip packaging and testing for consumer electronics and artificial intelligence. It has achieved significant results in reducing hundreds of tons of material handling, improving efficiency, and reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

      3 2024-05-28

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Gyrobot is based on SLAM application, integrating universal wheels A navigation positioningmodule, six-axis human-robot collaboration arm, and flexible and efficient dispatching software. lt is equipped with E-Rack and Mini-Stocker, providing a complete solution for automated logistics in semiconductor intelligent factories. lt realizes accurate docking betweenAMR and semiconductor production equipment, as well as precise loading and unloading ofmaterials. The product can handle various sizes and materials, such as tray trays, 8-inch wafercassettes/SMIF PODs, 12-inch FOUP wafer boxes, metal cassettes, substrates magazines, etc.